My Hair is "Hard".

Every now and then, I come across men and women who are fascinated about the fact that I keep my hair natural . Some go to the extreme of touching my hair which is really strange for me because i have the same hair they have on their heads. Some ladies display intentions of also embarking on the hair journey but are constrained by the fact that their hair is "hard". At first my initial reaction would be ,"nobody's hair is hard". But the responses would always be that I was lucky to be blessed with soft hair.

The truth is that due to the harsh processes we put are hair through ( shampooing which strips the hair of its natural oils),we are bound to believe the stories our so called 'hair experts " tell us about natural hair and how tough keeping your natural hair would be.This is the main reason why I don't trust any hair dresser with my hair and have been reluctant to go to salons because of the pain that would be inflicted on me (the punishment of combing my hair with a fine tooth comb).

I have now learnt how to manage my hair by doing a lot of research and learning various techniques involved in taming my hair. Hair conditioner has become my best friend as the benefits have done me a great service.I think i'll write something on the benefits of conditioners.Don't be discouraged , natural hair is easy to handle once you get a hang of it. Enjoy!!!



  1. We often view managing our natural hair because we've been raised using relaxers. However, its not hard just different. It requires different tools, products and patience above all. Once you get use to it, you'll find relaxed hair to be boring. I was natural for two years and then I relaxed my hair. Needless to say, I'm natural once again :)

    1. Well said Ashley. You have done what others find it difficult doing-rising up after a fall. You didn't give up and we look forward to sharing your experience with others.


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