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1Gh¢ Note
In the hair world especially for naturals, you are encouraged to learn about your hair. I've noticed  people struggling with caring for their own hair which sets in  frustrations sometimes. They rely on hair dressers to do everything for them which can be costly.  A lot of the complaints about going natural has to do with acquiring products. If it comes to braiding, weaves or any other style, I rely on my hair dresser to get it done. However, I take measures to save on other things. 

At The Salon
  1. Deep conditioning can cost 10 Gh¢,
  2.  Hot oil treatment is around 10 Gh ¢  
  3. Conditioner wash can cost 5 Gh ¢.   
DIM (Do-It-Myself)
  1.  I conditioner wash (co wash) my hair every week so I save  240Gh ¢  per year. 
  2. I deep condition and do my own hot oil treatment every month thus I save 240 Gh ¢  a year (approximately, a total of 480 Gh¢ or $ 268).
Product Costs
Now, the average cost of a box of relaxer is 15Gh ¢ ($8). With this same amount, you can get a conditioner, oil, leave-in and avocado (for deep conditioning).
  • VO5 conditioners cost 5Gh ¢  at the mall 
  • One-Step Leave-in is 5Gh ¢  
  • Medium size bottle of Coconut oil goes for 2Gh ¢
  • Avocado is 50 pesewas. 
  • African black soap (Alata Samina)  can be obtained for 2Gh ¢ 

These figures speak for themselves so the next time you get worried about caring for your hair, know that natural hair is cheap!



  1. debbie pebbles8:47 am

    wat do u use tha alata samina for? and the coconut oil/

  2. the alata samina is used as a shampoo and the coconut oil is for sealing in moisture in the hair.


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