Do You Visit Natural Hair Salons?

Yes, in Ghana, we have natural hair salons. If you have two left hands like me ☺☺ when it comes to braids and weaves, then, you probably visit the salon for those services. However, this creates another unpleasant situation for us naturals.
Have you ever been charged a higher price because you are natural? I have! For regular salons, I wouldn't expect much from them nor be offended with exorbitant prices. When it comes to natural salons though, it's a different playing ground. One would expect them to handle our hair better and also be cost effective yet reports indicate otherwise.
Personally, I haven't done my hair at an all natural salon yet; I plan to do that when the hair is longer. I want some flat twists and these salons offer that.
Back to the issue of cost, most naturals I've met complain that aside not getting a stylist who can tend to their hair needs, the natural salons are too expensive for them.  Now, let me clarify that we Ghanaian ladies have our own definition of expensive [even a $1 can be expensive depending on the size or value Lol]. However, when ladies on a healthy hair journey complain, it is genuine. Spending on hair products is something a lot of ladies who care for their hair don't mind doing thus when a salon is rated as expensive, it raises concern.

I had the chance of getting my hair braided by a natural hair braider and there's no way she'll have me in her seat for some styles regular salons can do. She was damn very expensive by all standards. She was fast alright but for charging me almost 3x what I usually pay, I won't want to use her again.

Have you had such an experience?


  1. That Was really expensive! I hope you find someone who is more reasonable. I understand that natural hair may take longer to braid but surely not so that they charge 3x the price!

  2. Yes ooooo

  3. Calabar Gal12:01 pm

    Unlike you, I have been on a solo natural hair journey so far. Major DIY and have not been near any salon since I staarted my natural hair journey.

    I installed crotchet braids after watching you tube videos and it was really good. I loved it too. My next project is "Faux locs". Again, there are so many you tube videos on faux locs. My wash and go, flat twists, finger curls, three stand braids, twist outs, braid outs have all been done by moi after watching you tube videos.

    I suppose my "former" hairstylists and all the salons around me wont be happy because they have not been seeing my money. It all goes on different types of hair products and DIY! ;)

  4. You've done well.


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