Tips For Make Up Beginners Edition

I used to struggle with make up and I still do but here are a few tips for make up beginners which I believe will help us all!
Here are some things I've learnt in the quest for achieving a presentable face courtesy of make up.

  1. Get a brush set even if it's a cheap synthetic one. You may not get the same finished look but that will get the job going.

  2. Watch youtube videos: doesn't matter if the make up isn't for beginners. The basics are the same for the individual you are watching. He/She layers her products in a particular way so watching any of her/his videos still gives you the routine. All you need to do is pay attention to
    ***the pre application stage: what the person uses on the skin eg primer, moisturizer, milk of magnesia. These are crucial in protecting your skin.
    *** the foundation application process and blending. She might also use a concealer or a base before full application.
    *** the eye shadow application process.
    Each person has a unique technique yet you can have a general idea as to what to steps to take to create your own style.

  3. Get your basic products even if they are knock offs. I still have cheap versions for practice.

  4. Practice before shower, at home,

  5. Get a make up wipe or remover- very cheap to get.

  6. Don't aim too high; you don't have to rush the process. It took time for your favourite make up artist to master her routine.

  7. Have a skin regimen so you don't create clogged pores with the foundation and other products.

Even though I'm getting better at creating basic looks, I don't think I will stress myself all the time to wear make up. The basic is enough to get me through the day Lol


  1. Thank you for the tips! I suppose the key is practice, practice and more practice. I would like my make up to look simple and on fleek - even attended a make up course earlier on this year but I must practicing what I learnt has been almost non existent. I really must sit up and spend more time with you tube make up videos.


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