3 Hair Styles For Labour And After Delivery

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"]My cornrow ponytail My cornrow ponytail[/caption]

When the moment of labour arrives, the last thing you want to ti have some hair flowing and shipping your face. All you want to do is get the baby out and be free.  About a month to delivery, you are tired, easily stressed, anxious and sleep is a luxury. To make the process less stressful, here are some hair style tips for you.
1. Cornrow ( with or without extensions; All back style, Ponytail): As my no.1 go to hair style, I'm glad I had this sooner prior to delivery. Having the hair cornrowed into a small Ponytail makes you fly and ready for the marathon Lol. For the whole period of labour, my hair wasn't a concern at all for the 2 weeks after birth too.

  1. Short weave on: The goal is to have your hair off your face so installing 8-24 inches weave isn't useful. A cut is better to make your sleep easy. A new born has a sensitive skin and allowing your weave to touch the skin might irritate your precious one. Also, short hair allows for easy bathing, cleaning and shedding is minimal. Brushing your weave also leaves strands around which can be dangerous when it wraps around your baby's fingers.

  2. Your own hair twisted up/ short twists or box braid with or without extensions : These are also very great for the occasion and easy to maintain till you are ready to deal with your hair. image


  1. Patricia8:27 am

    Perfectly true when its that time the hair shouldn't be a problem at all. Thank you dear


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