5 Cheap and Easy Ways To Document Your Hair Journey

Hi my empresses, hope you are doing well. Today, I'm sharing with you 5 cheap and easy ways to document your hair journey when you are not a blogger.
In the era of selfies, why not grab your camera and snap away? This is the most common way to document your journey but there are other ways too. How about someone without imstagram, Facebook or Twitter?

  1. Pen and Paper Tracking. Writing down what products you bought, when you bought them, how much, why you bought them, the ingredients will allow you to discontinue or continue using a product even years down the line. I keep my books in a pretty good place and I have some of the entries I made in 2011!

  2. Hair Journal apps. There are two apps on apple store I've tried and found to be very helpful. The hair diary and hair journal apps are designed to keep track of your products, styles, length and many more..

  3. Online Planners/Calendars/Diaries. You can make entries in or on your planner or calendar. That is whether on your phone or your paperback! Some of the calendar apps are connected to Google so you have all your entries saved! For paper ones, you will be able to look back at the year and get all the entries you made!

  4. Hair forums like hairlista.com allow you to have your own blog posts. These are a great source of tracking your hair journey too. Also, you are able to post daily if you want to thereby getting a daily dose of memories! I have seen some of the pictures of products I'd forgotten I'd used before!
    So, here are the ways you can employ to keep your eye on your hair journey.
    Catch more details in the video
    [ youtube=https://youtu.be/HfZxwa_Iv3A]


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