3 Ways To Use Henna On Your Hair

Where are my henna fans? In today's post, I'm going to point out 3 ways to use henna on your hair to avoid setbacks.
A lot of readers have inundated me with questions regarding where to purchase henna and how to use it.
I can say that out of experience, there are several factors to consider before henna application.
***Do you want a dye release such that you end up with some colour like I had? When the dye is released, you get a reddish tint it hue.
***Do you want just a gloss? Then, don't leave it to sit for long. As soon as you mix your henna, apply, leave it on for just some minutes and rinse.
***Do you want black hair? Add indigo( check African Emprezz on Facebook)
***You can mix a bit of henna in your conditioner to strengthen your hair; just don't use too much else you'll get a dye release.
**Be sure to deep condition your hair after the treatment IF you were aiming for dye release else be ready for hard, straw like hair.
After all is said and done, the choice to use henna shouldn't be a one off thing. Read and read about it before application.


  1. Maame Akua2:55 pm

    I added coconut milk, egg and my oils to the henna before applying it on my hair. I did not deep condition after but my hair felt soft and I enjoyed it.

  2. abena3:01 pm

    Thanks for the recipe

  3. I just love henna. Would have applied monthly if the process wasn't that messy...lol

  4. abena8:22 pm

    Lol. I will be doing henna in the near future

  5. Just had mine with lemon, love the texture already. Patiently waiting for the color turnout


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