4 Ways To Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil Effectively


The all famous Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco is in my good books for several reasons. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel about its uses; rather how to make sure you are getting all the benefits it offers.

I bought an 8oz bottle about 3 years ago and haven't finished it nor bothered to do so until recently. When I tackled my postpartum shedding, I used it haphazardly and so didn't pay attention to what it was doing for me until I tried something else and noticed that it was the Jbco that had helped with my edges.
1] In order to use Jamaican black castor oil effectively, decide on which type you want to use and why. There are several brands so read reviews about them and choose. These Jbco don't work in the same way nor have the same potency. I won't mention names but some have been reported to have high salt content which has had negative effects on especially relaxed hair.
2] Will you use it directly or mix it up with other oils? Since the Jbco is very thick, some prefer to add oils to it before use. I've found that using it directly works best; some do the addition because they get itchy scalp. I haven't experienced that so you don't have to dilute it if you aren't having a bad day with it.
3] Another way to use Jamaican black castor oil effectively is to ask yourself how often you use it has an impact on the results you get. When I was diligent with it, my edges thrived. Merely using it once a week on your edges may not give you the quick results you want.
For deep conditioning mix, be sure to be consistent with it in order to get its maximum benefits.
4] Find a reliable way to have the Jbco in your products all the time. I mean mix it up with your daily sealant, the prepoo mix you keep in the bathroom, the dressing mirror and also set a reminder like I do. This will make your Jbco use more effective rather than having the bottle seated comfortably waiting for daily touch.
If you can't afford the Jamaican black castor oil, you can use regular castor oil.
Some swear by regular Jbco and I'm one of them. When I wanted to be cheap, I bought the regular Jbco and mixed it with my coconut oil. I'll be going back to this method because having that mix down made daily use easy and effective. When I had the Jbco, it took my sealing to a new level but when I'm not ready to purchase Jbco, regular drugstore castor oil can be a place holder.


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